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Improve your

Weave a culture of compliance into the fabric of your enterprise

Gain insight to potential risks and stop them before they happen

Our pre-trained models identify the regulatory risks you care about in real-time
Litigation Risk

Anti-competitive Behavior

Allow your organization to thrive without blurring the line between success and unfair or deceptive acts or practices

Litigation Risk

Comprehensive Financial Regulations

Identify discussions about gift-giving, collusive behavior, illicit trading activity, or improper customer relationships

Litigation Risk

Disparaging Laws or Regulations

Identify and detect if your organization ever speaks disparagingly about any existing regulation or regulatory body

Litigation Risk

Ensure Workplace Safety

Establish guardrails when it comes to communicating about safety practices and principals

Litigation Risk

Anti-compliance Language

Identify when employees speak disparagingly about the efforts of internal compliance teams or compliance efforts

Litigation Risk

Custom models

We can build models specific to your business in days with no need for huge sets of training data

Regulatory Risk Insights

Understand how your organization approaches regulatory topics, analyze trends as they happen, and take action when necessary.


Risk Identification

Identify where your organization's risk profile creates liabilities


Risk Trend Tracking

Understand how your organization speaks about regulatory issues over time


Sentiment Analysis

Detect the sentiment used by your workforce around particular issues or topics

Proactive end-user integration

Systematically deploy corrective action in real-time when risks are identified


End-user Integration

Integration to communication applications for predictive end-user assistance


Derisking Suggestions

Help them in real-time adjust their choice of language


Active Prevention

Even prevent sending all together depending on risk level

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