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AI Compliance Monitoring for the Financial Services Industry

12 months ago

Managing Financial Services Compliance at scale has always been a challenging proposition. Today’s remote work environment has only compounded the complexity of this task. How can Compliance Officers ensure that their organizations properly observe the US rules and regulations for the Financial Services industry without a physical presence? As companies adapt to new ways of doing business, Compliance Officers need new tools to maintain their policy frameworks.

To aid in the effort of keeping Financial Services organizations compliant, LitLingo is proud to offer software to monitor and analyze all corporate communications to comply with US rules and regulations as well as organizational policies. LitLingo is a software provider specialized in natural language processing and understanding for corporate risk and compliance. Utilizing our patent pending Idea Graph, LitLingo is able to ingest and automate policies, rules, and regulations into an intelligent software monitor that can identify any language that is non-compliant.

In addition to providing analytics and insight into communications, Litlingo informs users in real-time that they’re about to violate company policy. Once a potential violation is detected, LitLingo offers immediate suggestions, training, and/or documentation. With LitLingo, companies can have an AI Compliance Officer in every communication while respecting the privacy of their employees. Our software works where you work, including Gmail, Slack, and customer service communication platforms like Glia and Zendesk.

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