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Antitrust compliance has never been this easy.

Automate your compliance programs and simplify audits (in real-time).
LitLingo proactively detects and prevents careless communications from harming your business in real-time, automates in-the-moment training, and keeps your compliance program running at peak performance.
Create a proactive antitrust compliance program.
Know your blindspots and take action.
Report on real-time compliance success.
Streamline audits with focused real-time reviews.
Build a strong culture around compliance.

Antitrust violations should be preventable

Did you know only 12% of organizations have advanced compliance and ethics programs?
With the rise of private and government antitrust cases costing organizations millions of dollars per year and potential jail time for individuals, now is the time to advance your compliance programs to the next level.
“In an ideal world, corporate compliance programs prevent wrongdoing altogether. If violations do occur, robust compliance programs should lead to prompt detection...”
Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim
New York, NY ~ Thursday, July 11, 2019

How it works

Your antitrust compliance program should alert you to issues, so they don’t become blunders.

Proactive compliance is better

Reactive Compliance
Proactive Compliance
Foster accountability
Create a culture of good corporate citizens.
Detect harmful language in real-time
Know your blind spots.
Prevent harmful language before it is sent
Address antitrust violations before they turn into legal action.
Gain insights into communication
Report on real-time compliance success across departments.
Real-time intelligent audits
Automate communication reviews.
In the moment training
Build a strong culture around compliance.


Why Choose Litlingo

Know your blind spots and proactively take action.
Create a strong company culture around compliance.
Streamline and automate your audits.
Demonstrate your success across departments.
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LitLingo for Antitrust Compliance
This feels like Big Brother…
Ok, but how will employees react to their communications being monitored?
Who typically manages LitLingo, and how many people are required to
maintain the system?

Will every LitLingo admin user have access to all of the data in the system?
Where is LitLingo data stored? Can we maintain data residency for data in
other regions (EMEA, APAC)?
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