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Legal and AI technology veteran joins LitLingo as COO

7 months ago

AUSTIN, TX. – LitLingo Technologies, the leading provider of AI-driven, preventative risk mitigation software, today announced that Neil Etheridge has been hired as Chief Operating Officer. Etheridge previously served as Chief Marketing Officer for Austin-based legal technology company DISCO.

“Neil is a seasoned and trusted leader who has shown his ability to massively scale companies in similar markets. He is uniquely qualified to help LitLingo accelerate to the future faster with an intense focus on operational excellence,” said Kevin Brinig, LitLingo CEO. “We are very excited for what a future with Neil brings for our customers and our organization.” 

Effective immediately, Etheridge will assume responsibility for sales, marketing, operations and customer success.  Etheridge will be responsible for ensuring operational excellence across the business. The company is planning for rapid growth in 2021 and Etheridge will be instrumental in helping the business scale moving forward.

“Historically companies have had to take a retroactive approach to mitigating business risk due to the limited capabilities of existing solutions” said Etheridge, chief operating officer.  “However all this changes with LitLingo. Seeing how this can be proactive, and even preventative, is a complete game changer. Once I saw the potential of this technology I wanted to be part of the team.”

Prior to this appointment, Etheridge was responsible for leading the overall strategy and execution for DISCO’s marketing function. In that role, he and his team, composed of SDRs and marketing professionals, helped grow DISCO from a series A startup to it’s most recent valuation of $785M. 

Prior to DISCO, Neil has held various leadership roles at high growth SaaS and Legal Technologies companies. Throughout his career he has shown a strong ability to help companies grow from early stage startups to IPO ready market leaders.