Out-of-the-box models

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Gender Bias
Sales Suitability
Sentiment Analysis
Sexual Harassment
Threatening Language
Toxic Language

Protect your assets

Your employees, customers and brand are your business’s greatest assets. Don’t let a few poorly worded communications cause irreversible damage to them all.

Proactively identify and
address risks

Quantify language

We transform text into vector representations of each word and map all the relationships and associations in a communication.

Codify expertise

A Hybrid AI approach that incorporates domain knowledge from industry experts with machine learning and natural language processing.

Real-time feedback

Provide instant in-app feedback to employees to guide and train them as they are typing.

Better decision making

The right information at the right time in the right place



Show errors and allow team members to make adjustments and maintain compliance before sending



Custom logic to re-route risk-identified communications for review or auto-return to sender with suggested edits



Turn your company’s communications into an insightful dashboard that informs policy and guides real-time analyses