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World leading AI and Natural Language Processing

Real-time advanced analytics and categorization
only made possible by the power of the cloud

Core capabilities

Cloud native platform that is proactive, real-time, and operates at the speed of change.

No-code AI/NLP

No-code platform facilitates cheaper/faster deployment. This translates to quicker deployment for customers.

Network-driven Models

Broad corpus of industry and domain specific models. Shared learning creates network effect for model improvement.

Language Agnostic Core

We convert language to ideas through a proprietary rules engine which operates at a higher level of abstraction.

Real-time Interaction

“Real-time first” architecture from inception combined with cloud-native architecture and application integration.

Security-First Design

Best in class encryption (on-disk and in transit) with configurable data retention, anonymity, and user access.

Auto-scaling platform

Cloud Native, distributed compute cluster with pre-emptive scaling, high-availability, realtime processing.

A deep understanding of Language

With security and real-time response as cornerstones of our DNA

Cloud Connectors

Integrated with your communication platforms

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