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Zendesk 2.0 – Beta Available

1 year ago

We just launched the beta program for our new Zendesk 2.0 app. In addition to the auto-correct feature that offers real-time feedback to agents as they compose messages, LitLingo can now automatically categorize, tag and route tickets as they come in. For example, we can detect when customers appear irritated or angry and ensure the ticket is immediately escalated and assigned to the appropriate team (or any other workflow you want!).

The new feature set was inspired by our current customer base and their desire to leverage AI and automation to reduce ticket handling and resolution times. With these new features at their fingertips, our customers are able to focus their agents on the higher priority tasks that require a human touch and lead to an improved customer experience.

We are really excited about the early feedback and are looking for a handful of customers that would like to join the beta program. We have limited availability so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested.

Interested in the LitLingo Zendesk app but not sure if you’re a good fit for beta? No problem! Keep an eye out for the public release coming soon.