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Real-time AI to improve business communication

While protecting your business from communication risk

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LitLingo analyzes digital communications with AI to identify relevant language, assist users, proactively reduce risk, and gain insight into company culture.

Litigation Risk

Litigation Risk

Get ahead of potential litigation by preventing questionable communication in the first place

Litigation Risk

Regulatory Risk

From HIPAA to Insider Trading, get a real time pulse on your compliance with government regulations

Litigation Risk

Culture Insight

Move beyond surveys and see the true culture of your business through your communication analysis

Help employees avoid potentially damaging language before they send it

LitLingo offers out-of-the-box models that have been trained by 1,000,000s of examples of business communication. This means you can be up and running on day 1, not 100.

All in one place

How it works


Turn-key integration with your enterprise messaging platforms. Enabling real-time analysis of corporate communications.


Pre-trained AI models automatically analyze and categorize your communications by topic, sentiment, language, meaning, and more.


Integration with end-user applications such as Gmail and Zendesk mean you can prevent damaging communications from ever being sent.

Cloud Connectors

Integrated with your communication platforms

Happy Customers

Litlingo in action

Litigation Risk

Providing real-time prevention for litigation risk in business email

Service Optimization

Gaining insight and optimizing business operations in Zendesk

Culture Insights

Fast growing SaaS company gains real-time pulse on culture

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