Proactively addressing risk across all teams and industries

Enforce policy

Automatically detect non-compliant communications in real-time, alert employees of risky language choices, or block hazardous communications from being sent.

Proactively mitigate

Protect your business from potential risks by informing team members of issues before document creation.

Train employees

Provide instant feedback to accelerate training and facilitate assistance for employees requiring additional guidance.

Understand your team

Analyze all communications to measure the pulse of your team and course correct when needed.

How it works

Real-time feedback to improve behavior

  • Tell us what concepts and ideas you’re looking to identify (Discriminating Language, Insider Trading, etc.)
  • Tell us where you’d like to look for them (Email, Customer Ticketing Systems, etc.)
  • Tell us what you’d like to happen when we identify them (suggest approved language, mark for review, etc.)

LitLingo will anonymously monitor communications in real-time to provide instant, in-app feedback as directed

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