Detect and prevent antitrust risks
with real-time communication insight

Global 1000 companies rely on LitLingo's AI platform to proactively manage communication risks and ensure regulatory compliance. Seamlessly integrating with existing platforms, LitLingo provides
real-time alerts and insights to prevent costly compliance violations and audit errors.
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Real-time escalation to Legal & Counsel
LitLingo Insights: See how your organization is communicating against your corporate policies: identify language trends and gain insight into potential risk areas.
Faster, more effective communication audits
LitLingo Review: Whether you’re conducting an investigation or an audit, your compliance team can jump in and review in real-time.
Just-in-time employee coaching
LitLingo Prevent: By providing in-the-moment training for end-users, LitLingo helps employees realize uncareful communications before they are sent.
Broad coverage across multiple use cases
Experts in Antitrust, Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
LitLingo analyzes digital communications with AI to identify relevant  language, assist users, and gain insight. LitLingo has comprehensive coverage across
(Bullying & Harassment, Discrimination,
Sexual Harassment)
Labor & Employment
Contractor Misclassification)
HR Compliance
(Hiring, Onboarding, Offboarding, Retaliation)
Data Privacy
Information Security
(Access Credentials, Data Storage, 
Insider Threat)
Intellectual Assets
(Business Information, Intellectual
Property, Trade Secrets)
LitLingo analyzes digital communications with AI to identify relevant  language, assist users, and gain insight.
How it works
LitLingo empowers your organization to proactively tackle communication risk head-on.


Turn-key integrations with your enterprise messaging platforms enable real-time analysis of corporate communications.


Pre-trained AI models automatically analyze and categorize your communications by topic, sentiment, language, meaning, and more.


Integrations with end-user applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Slack and Teams mean you can prevent damaging communications from ever being sent.
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