About Us

Rethinking employee communication in real-time
LitLingo helps Global 1000 companies reduce risk and improve compliance while helping individuals avoid expensive communication mistakes. To accomplish this, we are a team with expertise in artificial intelligence, natural language models, linguistics, enterprise software, and the law. We partner with our customers to identify their highest risks and implement a real-time solution tailored to their business that detects and prevents harmful communications.

Our Values

Customer Value First
Our company exists to improve compliance and reduce risk in the largest companies in the world. We take this responsibility seriously, dedicating ourselves to privacy, security, and leading-edge technology that not only brings exceptional value to compliance teams but also safeguards well-intentioned individuals from making costly mistakes.
Individual Impact
We are a small but mighty team that loves language, takes ownership, and 
holds one another to the highest standards. Every day, we're fueled by a resolve to create a tangible impact, leveraging our skills, passion, and relentless effort toward results.
Collective Excellence
At the heart of LitLingo are extraordinary individuals whose strengths are magnified through collaboration and teamwork. Through our united efforts, we transcend barriers, devise innovative solutions, and secure remarkable achievements.
Unwavering Integrity
Our operations are rooted in
honesty, openness, and a commitment to the greater good of our customers and our organization. We champion a culture of transparent collaboration, consistently seeking the truth and opportunities for improvement, with zero tolerance for political maneuvering, hidden agendas, or passive-aggressive behavior.
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Our Leadership

Nail Etheridge Litlingo

Neil Etheridge


Neil Etheridge is a 20-year technology industry veteran, focused on solutions addressing legal and compliance challenges that businesses face around the world. As LitLingo’s CEO, Neil leads the go-to-market functions of the business: including sales, marketing, and customer success. Prior to LitLingo, Neil was CMO for DISCO, a leading legal technology provider. There he was responsible for leading the overall strategy and execution for DISCO’s marketing function. In that role, he and his team (composed of SDRs and marketing professionals) helped grow DISCO from a Series A startup to a publicly-traded company.

Todd Sifleet Litlingo

Todd Sifleet

CTO and Co-founder

Todd co-founded LitLingo in 2019 and is responsible for leading engineering strategy and execution. Motivated by his desire to help others, Todd’s servant leadership style focuses on mentoring junior engineers and building teams. Prior to founding LitLingo, he spent the previous five years honing his software engineering skills in the transportation and healthcare industries. Notably, during his time at Uber, Todd played an integral role in the development of their autonomous vehicle initiative. Outside of the office, Todd enjoys dining out at some of Austin’s favorite restaurants and working on his lake house.

Ramya Varma Litlingo

Ramya Varma

VP of Finance

Ramya joined LitLingo in 2021 and leads the company's finance and accounting activities. Her career spans investing, operating, and consulting roles with technology businesses from early-stage through IPO. Ramya most recently served as a fractional finance advisor to venture-backed startups at Propeller Industries, prior to which she spent over a decade as a private equity investor in the B2B tech-enabled services industry. When not immersed in a spreadsheet, Ramya enjoys playing indie rock covers on the drums and improving her tennis game. Ramya earned an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Finance from New York University.


Our City

Austin is a rapidly growing city full of curious, innovative, and driven professionals looking to disrupt industries across the board. Tucked away in the hill country of central Texas, the capital city’s streets are filled with live music and the mouthwatering aroma of some of the country’s best bbq. While the food and entertainment are top-notch, it’s the city’s near magnetic ability to attract tech companies from the startup stage to the world’s leading software enterprises that has earned its new nickname, “Silicon Hills.” The buzzing atmosphere of the city is a welcoming destination for all things technology, and we are proud to call it home.
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