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Principal NLP Engineer

Who We Are:

LitLingo deploys AI and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) on top of business-specific communications to help companies make the most of their internal data. We build and deploy machine-learned models involving industry-specific litigation risk, fraud/waste/abuse risk, employment risk, product liability risk, IP risk, customer service optimization, and diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to help companies increase sales, automate workflows, and improve organizational efficiency by improving and enriching all inbound and outbound communications.

We have a growing list of marquee customers, and we focus on industries including Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Media, and Telco. Our culture is fast-paced, results-oriented, and places a premium on innovation. We offer competitive compensation, benefits, and equity. If you’re looking for a ground-floor opportunity in an inspiring space, look no further.

What You’ll Do:

LitLingo is currently seeking a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer to join our founding team to lead in developing our proprietary NLP platform. As a member of the engineering team, you will work alongside our founding team (Ex-Uber: fraud, dispatch, and self-driving), to extend our core NLP component (NER, POS, DEP, etc.), use transfer learning to customize models for specific use cases, and build and train custom models to classify text in realtime.

Skills and Experience:

Preferred Skills:

What You’ll Get:

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