Antitrust Twitter (Who to follow)

March 2, 2022

From international news to professional development to celebrity gossip, Twitter University is one of the most efficient ways to stay informed. To keep current, and have the latest information on all things antitrust, follow the Twitter accounts below.


- A twenty-year-old nonprofit that posts weekly with a strong focus on AAI sponsored content (e.g., reports, events, and podcasts) and antitrust news generally.


- The official Department of Justice, Antitrust Division’s Twitter account; tweeting press releases, reports, and announcements concerning the federal government’s latest antitrust strategy.


- Similar to AAI (i.e., shares relevant antitrust publications, webinars, and news articles), but also tweets content pertinent for lawyers, law students, and the legal community at large.


- Possibly a shameless plug or a chance for you to see how our technology is tackling pressing antitrust issues for corporations across the country?

No items found.

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